The Edible Forest

Welcome to The Edible Forest, Annette Owen-Mulder and Les Mulder’s organic farm at Wherrol Flat.

Sunset at The Edible Forest

We raise cattle and pigs, grow heritage fruit trees and a large range of vegetables. Annette uses the products of the fruit trees and veggie beds to make fabulous jams and preserves. We sell all of these things at local farmers’ markets.

In permaculture, the edible forest is a low maintenance and highly productive polyculture.  It overproduces compared to monocultures and contains many different ecological niches, which are all occupied by useful species.

Our Edible Forest is a 56ha (140 acre) demonstration permaculture/holistic management farm 10 minutes out of Wingham, NSW. We are building permaculture gardens and housing, as well as raising a variety of animals.

We have run a number of field days, in conjunction with Manning Landcare, around Keyline concepts and permaculture design.

We aim to use this web site to document the journey we’re on, learning our new trade and building a sustainable farming enterprise.


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Our paddocks are covered with these today. Does anyone know what they are?

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Tomorrow’s market day at Wingham Showground. We’ll be manning the Community Stall and have our wonderful pasture raised pork and delicious jams and pickles. There’ll be some new stalls plus all your favourites. Come and see us there, stock up on fresh produce, lovely veg, new season seedlings, wines. Have a coffee and stop and relax.

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45mm of glorious rain yesterday and more predicted for today. How strange that now we watch the weather so closely now we’re farmers. Clement and Beatrice, our new French helpxers, picked another bucket of mulberries yesterday – that’s me back at the stove for more jam. And, that tree is still full of fruit.

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How wonderful, already over 30mm rain in the last hour. We will sleep well to the sound of rain!

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It’s market day at Bent on Food. Come and have breakfast or just a coffee and do your shopping. Our wonderful pasture raised pork, a range of homemade jams including new ones – mulberry, pear jelly, grape jelly, chilli jam and a mango and chilli chutney. We’ve Tim’s free range eggs and Barry’s fresh vegies.

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It’s market day outside Bent on Food today. It’s been a busy weekend in the kitchen so lots of new things to try – pear, date and tamarind chutney is a winner, another batch of mulberry jam, grape jam and zucchini relish. Of course there’s our pasture raised pork – a winner. Tim is here with eggs, no avocados until May but lots of beetroot, kale, pumpkin, tomatoes and silverbeet.

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Our magnificent dragon fruit flowers – 6 opened last night, looks like another 8 will open tonight. Alive with native bees but no fruit forms so will keep trying manual fertilising. We’ve done this during the day but been told this must be done at night.

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Tuesday is market day outside Bent on Food. Lots of lovely fresh food, delicious pork and jams and pickles. See you soon!

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Back home after a lovely morning at Wingham Farmers’ Market to harvest apples, pears and mangos. Sorry, no pictures of the mangos as we sent them home with a friend. Heaps more ready so we’ll photograph them next time along with the grapes. Tomorrow back in the kitchen to turn all this into – apple cider vinegar made with our own apples, preserves, jams and jellies. Also we’re going to make a Caribbean hot sauce made with Dutch bonnet chillies from Lesley and Peter Trood. Evidently these are super hot… The best news IT’S RAINING!

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Photos from The Edible Forest's post

So a busy morning at Wingham Farmers’ Market

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Latest News

  • In the Wingham Chronicle

    December 21, 2016

    We had a lovely article written about us in the local paper, the Wingham Chronicle: Christmas leftover recipe Pytt i panna – or translated from Swedish “small pieces in a pan.” This is one...

    This month’s Wingham Farmers’ Market feature producers are Les Mulder and Annette Owen-Mulder of The Edible Forest. Les and Annette have a 140 acre property at Wherrol Flat which they manage sustainably using principles from permaculture and others such as holistic management. This year for the first time, savvy locals will be enjoying Les and Annette’s ham on Christmas day, as their pork products have been a new enterprise in 2016. Their free range, pasture raised pork stands out for both flavour and texture. The meat is darker and moister and has great intramuscular fat layers. What this means is that you can slow cook it without it drying out. It doesn’t even look like shop bought pork. They do a range of cuts, including Christmas ham and everyone’s favourite, bacon. Les and Annette believe that the difference is raising them as ethically as they possibly can, for their whole life. ”They have sun, trees, wallows, grass, covering, plenty of food - everything they need to be a pig” says Annette. The pigs are fed on whey from Comboyne Culture cheese; veggie scraps from their garden, Granty’s and Town Head; and pig nuts from the produce store. Les and Annette also go the extra mile to ensure the pigs have no stress. This includes driving them themselves to Frederickton abattoir in a trailer loaded with pig food. They chose this abattoir because handling of the pigs there is the most humane they’ve seen. They have a Wessex saddleback boar, “as placid as all get out”; and four breeding sows. There is Brunhilda, a Berkshire x large white; Esmerelda and Bludwin, Wessex Saddleback x large white x Berkshire; and Ladybird, a Duroc. They allocate the pigs different areas. They move about every few months - once they’ve bred they need to stay put until the piglets have weaned, which is about three months. Any time from six months they are driven to the abattoir. Annette also has her preserves available including jams, pickles, chutney, relish; all made with chemical free local and home grown fruit and veg, “and love - the essential ingredient” adds Annette. They are the perfect accompaniment for the pork!
  • Heritage Fruit Workshops

    July 5, 2014

    On Saturday the 5th July and Sunday the 6th, Pete the Permie, in conjunction with Manning Landcare ran a series of Heritage fruit workshops at our farm. Topics covered were: Winter vs summer pruning...

  • We’ve been published!

    June 20, 2014

    The July/August 2014 edition of Good Organic Gardening Magazine has a 4 page spread on us and The Edible Forest. Go down to your newsagent and get a copy right now! If you’re one...