Category: Visitors

Over the years we have been lucky to have had many visitors to the farm: friends, family, WWOOFers/Helpxers and many more. These are some of the things we’ve achieved and had fun together doing.



Daniel comes from Herefordshire in the UK. He was with us for Christmas which we celebrated with our friends Felicity and Joolz at their beautiful property at Rose Point. He was here for 5...



We met Jeremy when we were asked to do a presentation for Permaculture Sydney North.  He was on the garden team and asked if he could come and work with us here. Jeremy is...



Aah Christina, another incredible woman!  We are so lucky to meet these wonderful people who want to come to our farm, who help us do so much and who quickly become part of our...


Left and Chloe

    Left and Chloe stayed with us for a week. We enjoyed having them here. They fed pigs, weeded gardens and were happy to try anything. They were absolute stars when it came...



What an amazing woman! Valentina came to stay on our farm for a few days as a friend of ours who she was staying with in Wingham, had to go to Sydney. She was...