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  1. I will long look back on my time spent at The Edible forest with fond memories.

    Les and Annette are amazing, inspirational people. There’s no way you can come here and go away having not learnt anything from them, they’re both very smart, intelligent people. You will learn much about permaculture, self-sufficiency, sustainability and smart smallholding management.

    Anything used, consumed or eaten on the farm is sourced as local as possible at all times. Farm animals are raised with great care and extremely ethically. It’s a relaxed, peaceful and happy setting. If you up early enough you’ll see wallabies springing through the morning-dew glistening grasses.

    I had some of the best food of my life here. I promise you will not go hungry and will be well looked after. Both Les and Annette are amazing in the kitchen, not to mention the great fresh local produce, much of it from their own land. Their home-produced pork is the best I’ve EVER had in my life.

    I would highly recommend staying here and helping out. I felt extremely comfortable and safe at all times. As a backpacker, It was great to escape the cities and experience an insight into a real Australian smallholding with a strong, smart focus on the future.

    I came as a stranger and left as a friend. I’d love to come back and visit soon…

    Thanks for having me!

  2. My son Ruaidhrí spent some time with Annette and Les on The Edible Farm, and he wrote to me in Ireland about how much he enjoyed it. From all he told me, and from their website, I developed a huge urge to visit The Edible Forest. So it was that when I flew to Australia to visit my son, we went and stayed a night with Annette and Les, and it was a highlight of my two-and-a-half week trip.

    This I know for sure: if you have an interest in organic farming and permaculture, this is the university to attend. But it is about so much more than meets the eye. It is about the privilege of meeting two people deeply devoted to their chosen lifestyle, with the wisdom and experience of having lived the city life in the much faster lane prior to the decision to move to Wherrol Flats. I love that Les is a tech geek, and that Annette pretty much is too. More than anything I appreciated the kindness from both these gorgeous people. I believe kindness is the single most valuable attribute a person can carry in life.

    Thank you Annette and Les for being so good to my lovely son, or inviting me to stay, and for your hospitality while I was there. Love to you both always, Paula

  3. Hello,

    I´m Tobi from Germany ans 20 years old.

    I was wwoofing at Les´ and Anette´s place for nearly five weeks this year in February and March.
    I was travelling in Australia for 6 months, but honestly those five weeks with Les, Annette and their lovely dogs were one of the best thing I did in Australia and maybe even in my whole gap year. It sounds weird and actually like a stupid stereotyp, which everyone wants to expier during a big journery, but if at all, then it happens just to a few people, but they did change my way of thinking and they did change the way I look at the world. I will never forget these people and the great time I had. I´m deeply grateful to Les and Annette.
    I was wwoofing in Australia 7 times, but at the “edible forest” it was one the best times, because the people were marvellous AND I were taught so well in permaculture like nowhere else.
    So I really recommend going to their place and I would do it every time again.

    Best grettings from Munich, Germany.


  4. Wow, six months have already flown by since I’ve worked with Annette and Les! As I’m scrolling through the photos right now I realize how much I’ve learnt and experienced during my stay on their farm.
    It all has begun with an unfortunate incident on my previous farm and ended up in an experience I’ll never forget! As a neutral-minded swiss I think it’s save to say that I’ve rarely met such enthusiastic, hard-working but at the same time warm-hearted and kind people like the Mulders are.
    Every morning I woke up on their farm I heard the kookaburra singing his song, the sun was shining right into my face and knew what I was there for: To help people realizing their dream of building a sustainable, environmental-friendly farm which they can feed themselves from.
    Apart from learning heaps regarding all the farm work I learned something very important: Make your dreams come true. Go out there, stand up for it although it’s sometimes hard, but at the end of day you look back and you realize what you’ve accomplished. This is what I define as the ultimate happiness and I’ve only learnt this because Les and Annette are exactly living this way of life every day.

    I hope you guys are all fine and thank you for having me with you!

    Kindest regards, Colin

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