Category: Water

The most important thing that we have any real ability to influence is water.

In our farm plan, if we can get the water right, everything else in our design will follow.

These pages illustrate the design ideas and installation trials and tribulations that have gone into “getting the water right”.


Keyline Tilling

One of our most successful techniques for improving the soil has been Keyline Tilling, as proposed by P. A. Yeomans back in the fifties. We use a Yeomans Plough, as designed by P.A. and...



The drinking water for our house is stored in a tank up the hill behind the house (10m above the roof line, so we can run sprinklers on the roof in the event of...

Water pipe burial

Finally, we are starting to bury the water pipe over the property. Here’s Colin the Swiss WWOOFer wielding the trenching machine:       What a lovely machine it is. I cannot imagine how much work...

Too much pressure! 0

Too much pressure!

Here’s what happens when you have more pressure than a valve can handle. Note the distorted threads where the two halves of the fitting said bye bye: Not that these failures are particularly Plasson’s...


Basic farm plan 1 – water

The question is how do we want to farm? The property is set up to run cattle, so that’s what we will continue to do, as we don’t want the place to get overgrown...