Permaculture Sydney West (PSW)

On Monday 4 May, we presented to this dynamic group in Sydney. It was an uplifting experience for Les and me.  An audience of over 70 people listened closely, asked great questions and made us feel, more than a little amazed by their passionate response to what we’re doing, and left us feeling even more positive that the path we’ve chosen is right and good.

Les and I met Greg Meyer, the president of PSW, many years ago when we studied our first Permaculture course in Sydney and went on to do our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) with him and, after we moved to Wingham,  a course in Holistic Management.  We met his wife, Vera soon after we met Greg and we all became good friends, sharing many a laugh,during a blitz or over a good meal with a nice glass of wine.

Our friendship continued with our move to the country. They helped us move onto the farm, plant our first orchard and are always ready for a chat and to give support.  We may see less of each other than we’d like to now but, the opportunity stay with each other makes you closer.  Must be those sleepovers with delicious wine!

Greg spoke to us a while ago and asked if we’d be prepared to come down and present “our story” to PSW.  We said yes and he put Genna Sperinck, the guest speaker organiser in contact with us and so it was arranged.

There’s a buzz and vitality in this group that you rarely see elsewhere. The enthusiasm and passion is palpable. PSW has accomplished many different projects in their area; established a local seed saving group; runs Living Skills workshops teaching everything from fermentation to soap making and holds regular monthly garden blitzes which help design and then “make” a new garden or renovate an old one.

Greg has been instrumental in getting grants from local councils to teach permaculture. He’s established GOOF (Grow Our Own Food) workshops, as well as setting up basic training and with Vera, made this group the inspiration it is.

Vera, heads up Living Skills and also provides all that background support that is rarely seen but, without which, things cannot and do not happen.They’re developing a strong team working with them, keen to follow now and eventually lead this group when they want to step down.

At the end of our presentation, Greg asked who’d be interested in coming up and working on our farm for a few days, the show of hands was amazing.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with this group and we are eagerly awaiting their visit to The Edible Forest.

Annette Owen-Mulder

Annette Owen-Mulder

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