A short return and “meeting mam”

We had a wonderful visit this weekend from Ruaidhrí and his mother, Paula Nolan.   It’s little wonder Ruaidhrí is such a lovely, young man, Paula’s a lovely woman in every way (inside and out).

Thank you Mary for sharing your HelpXers with us.  If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have had this enjoyable visit

Paula arrived a couple of weeks ago from Ireland and Ruaidhrí  has been showing her some of the many places he’s visited and some of the people he’s met and worked with in Australia, over the last 2 years.

Ruaidhrí  had so much to show that we only had them in this area for one night.  Mary and Albert came for dinner so we could all see them.    Thank you both for the lovely food and wine.

When Ruaidhrí was with us last,  he designed and sketched the layout of the sign “The Edible Forest” for our front gate.   In the short time they were with us, he and Paula, both, talented artists, designers and photographers, did more work on our sign.  How lucky we’ll be to have our own original at the gates!

The difficult part has been done by them, and, after much discussion, the pressure’s now on me to finish it, as briefed. 

When next you come to visit us at home, eyes to the fence at the gate and see our new sign, signed “Ruaidhrí and me mam”. 


Annette Owen-Mulder

Annette Owen-Mulder

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