Colin the Swiss WWOOFer

Colin stayed with us for a few weeks recently.

He has never driven a car.

IMGP5974 IMGP5976

Let alone a tractor.


Never milked a cow (let alone got covered in cow manure)


Used a laser level or tiled

IMGP6051 IMGP6046



Or quadded


We suspect he had a good time. We certainly enjoyed having him and are so grateful for all the work he did for us.

Les Mulder

Les Mulder

One thought on “Colin the Swiss WWOOFer

  1. Wow, six months have already flown by since I’ve worked with Annette and Les! As I’m scrolling through the photos right now I realize how much I’ve learnt and experienced during my stay on their farm.
    It all has begun with an unfortunate incident on my previous farm and ended up in an experience I’ll never forget! As a neutral-minded swiss I think it’s save to say that I’ve rarely met such enthusiastic, hard-working but at the same time warm-hearted and kind people like the Mulders are.
    Every morning I woke up on their farm I heard the kookaburra singing his song, the sun was shining right into my face and knew what I was there for: To help people realizing their dream of building a sustainable, environmental-friendly farm which they can feed themselves from.
    Apart from learning heaps regarding all the farm work I learned something very important: Make your dreams come true. Go out there, stand up for it although it’s sometimes hard, but at the end of day you look back and you realize what you’ve accomplished. This is what I define as the ultimate happiness and I’ve only learnt this because Les and Annette are exactly living this way of life every day.

    I hope you guys are all fine and thank you for having me with you!

    Kindest regards, Colin

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