Keenan & Kelly

A Canadian couple who are a wonderful team of HelpXers.  They came to us, highly recommended after being with Lyn.  I spoke to them at Bent and heard they were looking for some work paid work.  I knew Donna from Bent on Food was looking for some staff so introduced them.  We were more than happy to have them both stay here while Keenan worked on the farm and Kelly did some shifts at Bent.

A great couple full of warmth, vigour and so much energy.  Keenan helped Les build a reverse brick veneer wall around the hot side of the house and added muscle and dynamic to many projects even though it was soooooo hot that some days we had to have movie time in the middle of the day.  Kelly worked in our garden and helped me cook when she didn’t have shifts at Bent and again – much was done!

Keenan did a job for our friends, Brian and Chris Willey, laying a concrete floor in their shed.

They arrived just before Christmas and Kelly decorated our little tree.  On Christmas morning we awoke to Sweetpea bellowing and a small answering bellow (not Paprikash).  Les went to investigate and found a tiny new born calf wandering up our driveway, hungry and crying and Sweetpea calling him.  What a lovely gift from Santa!  We found the owner after a couple of days but in the meantime, Sweetpea fed and looked after him.  We named him Massaman.

Annette Owen-Mulder

Annette Owen-Mulder

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