Valentin & Ruaidhrí

These two amazing guys came to us via Mary.  Valentin had been with her for some months and Ruaidhrí (pronounced Rory) for a few days when her family wanted to come to stay.  Mary said they were amazing workers and she was oh so right.  How glad we are that we said yes!  How sorry we were that it was only for a week!

Valentin is a crazy, gorgeous, young French chef and Ruaidhrí a tall, charming young Irishman.  They had not met or worked together but oh boy it worked.  Our cow developed a crazy passion for Valentin and our dogs are so sad not to have Ruaidhrí to play with.  We’re just sad not to have them.

They planted two guardian trees at our front gate – Illawarra Flame trees, rescued  by Lyn at Manning Landcare and given to us.  Each time we come and go from The Edible Forest we see them and can think about this great pair.

How many helpers do you get who when you say “I think we’ve done enough for today, let’s stop now”, and they respond…“Oh no, I need to finish that weeding…”  Thanks Ruaidhrí!

Valentin come back we need more Croque Madame and Donna from Bent on Food said there was work if you wanted!!!



Annette Owen-Mulder

Annette Owen-Mulder

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