Water pipe burial

Finally, we are starting to bury the water pipe over the property. Here’s Colin the Swiss WWOOFer wielding the trenching machine:

IMGP5970      2013-10-18_12-55-46_914

What a lovely machine it is. I cannot imagine how much work it would take to dig a trench like this by hand. Burning dinosaurs, admittedly, but we only need to do it once and it should last many, many years.

2013-10-27_13-37-19_703 2013-10-27_13-42-01_39 2013-10-27_13-44-32_296 2013-10-27_16-29-50_663

End result, 4km of trenches and water for stock all over the property and no access for stock to the dams. Happy cattle, with easy access to water and much reduced parasite loads (no-one is drinking out of the toilet any more). Happy us, because it’s so easy to move these troughs around and we’re not drenching cattle any more.

Les Mulder

Les Mulder