Category: Livestock

Giving them the best life we can



Our lovely sow, Brunhilde, gave birth on 21 December to 13 piglets.  She was 2 days earlier than we expected so we were so glad we’d finished building her farrowing area. Here’s a sneak...


My how they’ve grown

Here are the 3 little pigs – little no longer.  Les has taken a shot of them drinking their morning milk.  Take at look at how easily 3 fitted around the saucepan when we...


New Dung Beetles

On Saturday morning after we’d had Sweetpea grazing on the driveway on Friday night, Les found a different type of dung beetle.   We’ve never seen a dung rolling beetle here before.  We think it...


Wessex Saddlebacks

Introducing Truffle, Proscuitto and Jamon We got them to work as “pigerators” digging up kikuyu and weeds, ploughing and fertilising the ground  for us to establish more vegie beds and then for making our...


Black Jersey House Cow

On Monday this week, while we were breakfasting with Pete, Silvia, Rob and Zuzana (who’d stayed with us for the heritage fruit weekend), Annette got a phone call from Jools: “Are you still looking...