PSW Blitz

A weekend permablitz with Permaculture Sydney West the last weekend of September - wow!  Many apologies for so few words but we wanted to share this with you before more time passed. Over 20 people came to help – some brought a caravan, some camped in the orchard, some stayed in town and the rest... Continue Reading →

Permaculture Sydney West (PSW)

On Monday 4 May, we presented to this dynamic group in Sydney. It was an uplifting experience for Les and me.  An audience of over 70 people listened closely, asked great questions and made us feel, more than a little amazed by their passionate response to what we’re doing, and left us feeling even more... Continue Reading →

The First Orchard

When we arrived we brought with us many fruit trees which we’d refused to sell with our Sydney home.  Sadly we had to leave the wonderfully productive Packham Pear, prolific persimmon, grown from seed by our friend, Peter Schubert and of course, lemons, limes and olives.  All the smaller trees were potted up before the... Continue Reading →

Making good use of Edges

In Permaculture you learn that edges are the most productive area of the landscape.  All the nutrients you give the soil leech down and suddenly you’ve created a huge amount of extra work for yourself as the lawn grows 3 times faster on the edges.  Our kikuyu lawn rapidly develops long runners going up into... Continue Reading →

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