Keyline Tilling

One of our most successful techniques for improving the soil has been Keyline Tilling, as proposed by P. A. Yeomans back in the fifties. We use a Yeomans Plough, as designed by P.A. and built by his son Alan: The aim is to reduce compaction (our soils were like concrete, all over the farm), improve... Continue Reading →

Milk fed beef – the best!

Occasionally, we have beef raised by our house cow, Sweet Pea. Rather than weaning these boys early, as most farmers do, we allow Sweet Pea to wean them naturally, when they are nearing a year old. The result? Tender, flavoursome beef that beats anything I've ever tasted (mind you, I've never sample real Wagu, so... Continue Reading →

Ethically Raised Pastured Pork

  Here at The Edible Forest, we try to raise our animals in the best way possible. Our pork comes from slow growing old breeds, which means the meat is darker, more tender and tastier than that produced in modern factory facilities with the fast growing large pink breeds that are currently fashionable. Our pigs... Continue Reading →

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