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Darryl is an incredibly focused and hard working man. We got so much work done while he stayed with us. Nothing we asked was any effort, he just gets stuck into everything and get it done. He’s competent and willing in all tasks we asked of him around the farm. He’s good company and easy to have around. Our animals all loved him and we’d welcome him back if he wanted to come again.



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We enjoyed having Lauren stay with us on our farm. She’s incredibly helpful, intuitive and thoughtful. We would have her again in an instant. All our animals loved her and she was unstinting in the affection she gave them and in all the work she did for us.


Neil worked for us years ago when we were Mulder Communications. We loved him then and we still do.  He’s still crazy and funny as ever.  This was just a short visit but we hope he’ll be back.

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Vincent and Laetitia


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Laetitia and Vincent only stayed with us one week – and we were very sad they could not stay longer.
If they wanted to come back again we would welcome them gladly. They are amazingly hard workers, focused and thoughtful. A pleasure to have around

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