Daniel comes from Herefordshire in the UK. He was with us for Christmas which we celebrated with our friends Felicity and Joolz at their beautiful property at Rose Point.

He was here for 5 weeks and would (and could) do anything from butchering chickens to keyline plowing, mowing grass, fencing, repairing water pipes to entertaining our dogs and cooking delicious meals.  Daniel’s carbonara variation is now regularly on our menu – it is absolutely delicious!  He was quick to see what needed to be done and rapidly became part of our family.


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We met Jeremy when we were asked to do a presentation for Permaculture Sydney North.  He was on the garden team and asked if he could come and work with us here.

Jeremy is a talented gardener but he really loves fixing broken things, renovating old tools or taking on any challenge that requires skill and thought.  He assembled a vertical axis windmill we’d been given some time ago for pumping water from the roof’s catch tank up to our main storage tank.  To do this, first he needed to fix Les’ metal lathe and a few other old tools we’d bought.  Needless to say, it all worked and with Christina’s help, the windmill was erected.

People like Jeremy are the people who will keep this world going.

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Aah Christina, another incredible woman!  We are so lucky to meet these wonderful people who want to come to our farm, who help us do so much and who quickly become part of our family and our lives. The slideshow here shows better than words, what she did while staying with us.

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Left and Chloe



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Left and Chloe stayed with us for a week. We enjoyed having them here. They fed pigs, weeded gardens and were happy to try anything. They were absolute stars when it came to helping make marmalade. We had masses of oranges, cumquats and limes and they prepared them all – Thanks guys, you were great.




What an amazing woman! Valentina came to stay on our farm for a few days as a friend of ours who she was staying with in Wingham, had to go to Sydney. She was a little nervous as she had never stayed on a farm before but you’d never guess. She was competent doing everything from feeding pigs and chickens, milking the house cow and weeding the orchards to making jams and pickles and cleaning the house. She’s great company and funny. Our only regret was saying goodbye to her and we are hopeful she’ll come and stay with us again.

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