Keyline Tilling

One of our most successful techniques for improving the soil has been Keyline Tilling, as proposed by P. A. Yeomans back in the fifties. We use a Yeomans Plough, as designed by P.A. and built by his son Alan: The aim is to reduce compaction (our soils were like concrete, all over the farm), improve... Continue Reading →

New Dung Beetles

On Saturday morning after we’d had Sweetpea grazing on the driveway on Friday night, Les found a different type of dung beetle.   We’ve never seen a dung rolling beetle here before.  We think it is either Sisyphus Spinipes or Sisyphus Rubrus.  We’ll let you know once we’ve had it confirmed - we hope by the... Continue Reading →

The Blob

The Blob was found growing on the mulch in the orchard/food forest this morning:   Luckily it was just the critter that inspired those awful movies, so it didn’t eat me when I poked it with a stick. That is to say, it’s a slime mould. Specifically Fuligo septica, or the Dog Vomit Slime Mould... Continue Reading →

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