Say Cheese!


The first cheeses from our own Sweetpea’s milk…

8 litres of milk into what should be a kilo or more of brie.

Now all we have to do is wait three to six weeks to find out if it’s any good.

And while she’s giving us five litres of milk a day, we need to make no less than 13 more batches of cheese like this on blind faith, before ever we get to try this one.

Wish us luck!

Wood stove cookery

IMGP6342A wood fuelled stove is one of the most sustainable methods of cooking there is, especially when the fuel comes from the 50 acres of trees up the back of the property. There’s enough fuel up there that’s just been blown over by the storms since we moved here to run the stove for the next five or six winters.

Our stove is an Australian made Gourmet Cooker and much heavier than most similar stoves. We’re sure it will well and truly outlast us.

It not only heats the house, but bakes, boils, woks and boosts the solar hot water in winter.

In the foreground are a couple of loaves of Annette’s awesome sourdough bread as well a tray of her experimental caramelised bananas with orange.


Bounty from the garden

The weather may be dry but the vegetable garden is producing abundantly.  Yesterday I harvested so many tomatoes that I had to get creative with cooking (still leaving plenty to eat raw or as bruschetta)

We now have 6 jars of tomato jam, 7 jars of green tomato chutney, 2 large bottle of fresh tomato sauce made with masses of basil, thyme and oregano and then, there’s the pickled cucumbers – a huge favourite in this family.  Last year we almost ran out so this year planted many more cucumbers which we’re now harvesting and pickling.

A sample of a day’s harvest, makes me smile!


Our first grapes – most eaten but some made into grape jam


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