Category: Farm Infrastructure

Infrastructure added to the farm



The drinking water for our house is stored in a tank up the hill behind the house (10m above the roof line, so we can run sprinklers on the roof in the event of...


New Heritage Fruit Orchard

In July and August 2014 we had several huge days creating our heritage fruit orchard with over 100 different, bare rooted trees.  We’d arranged, with Manning Landcare, a workshop to have Pete the Permie...


Energy Slaves

Some years ago, the peak oil proponent Colin Campbell suggested that the oil being used to do stuff in the world at the time was producing the same levels of output as 22 billion...


Anguem ex machina

Snakes are a regular hazard around the farm. So far, we’ve only seen blacks and browns around the place (we’d love to see a carpet snake or python, to keep the mice down without...


Gully Raker

We were in Sydney for a reunion of our old woodworking class on the weekend. We really enjoyed it, but while we were away there was a real gully raker came through the farm...